SIO Surface Waves Discussion Group

Reading group examining the role of surface waves in air-sea interaction processes, moderated by Nick Pizzo. Meetings occur over zoom bimonthly on Thursdays.

%% Fall 2020

10/08/2020: Distribution of surface wave breaking fronts (Romero 2019). See also Phillips (1985), and our earlier discussion from Momme Hell. Leonel Romero presenting.

10/22/2020: Intense deformation field at oceanic front inferred from directional sea surface roughness observations (Rascle et al. 2017). Nicolas Rascle presenting.

11/05/2020: Langmuir turbulence in the Arabian Sea. Rui Shen presenting on Li et al. (2016) and Li & Fox Kemper (2017).

11/19/2020: Near-inertial waves and turbulence driven by the growth of swell (Wagner et al. 2020). Greg Wagner presenting.

12/10/2020: Momentum flux measurements in the airflow over wind-generated surface waves (Yousefi et al. 2020). Fabrice Veron presenting.

%% Winter 2020

1/23/2020: Wave generation by wind (Chapter 3 of Janssen 2004, see also Grare et al.  2013, Young & Wolfe 2014), Laurent Grare presenting (PDF of slides)

2/6/2020: Mean flow induced by a surface wave packet, Rick Salmon presenting (Salmon tutorial)

3/5/2020: Drag coefficients (Edson et al. 2013 ,Donelan & Dobson  2001), Allison Ho presenting (PDF of slides)

4/30/2020: Wave slope statistics, Fabrice Ardhuin presenting  on Munk 2009  (see also Vandemark et al. 2004, Nouguier et al. 2016)

5/14/2020: The surfzone heat budget, Tom Zdyrski presenting on  Sinnett and Feddersen (2014) , see also Sinnett and Feddersen (2018).

%% Fall 2019

9/19/2019: Introduction (Cavaleri et al. 2012, Melville 1996, Zakharov et al. 2008, Craik 2004), Nick Pizzo presenting (PDF of slides)

10/10/2019: The wind wave spectrum: observations (Lenain & Melville 2017; see also the introduction of Phillips 1985 and Hasselmann et al. 1973), Luc Lenain presenting

10/24/2019: The wind wave spectrum: theory and modeling (Phillips 1985), Momme Hell presenting (PDF of slides)

11/07/2019: Wave induced mass transport (Kenyon 1969; Pizzo et al. 2019), Jimmy Sinnis presenting (PDF of slides)

11/21/2019: Wave-current interaction (Ardhuin et al. (2012), Peregrine 1976), Bia Villas Boas presenting (PDF of slides)

12/05/2019: Langmuir Circulation/turbulence (Smith 2001 , Smith 2006 (see also the errata for “just a few, but important corrections”)), Kristin Fitzmorris & Jerry Smith presenting