SIO Surface Waves Discussion Group

Informal discussions about surface wave related topics, moderated by Nick Pizzo. Meetings are held in the conference room at OAR 150 bimonthly on Thursdays at 1pm.

%% Fall 2019

9/19/2019: Introduction (Cavaleri et al. 2012, Melville 1996, Zakharov et al. 2008, Craik 2004), Nick Pizzo presenting (PDF of slides)

10/10/2019: The wind wave spectrum: observations (Lenain & Melville 2017; see also the introduction of Phillips 1985 and Hasselmann et al. 1973), Luc Lenain presenting

10/24/2019: The wind wave spectrum: theory and modeling (Phillips 1985), Momme Hell presenting (PDF of slides)

11/07/2019: Wave induced mass transport (Kenyon 1969; Pizzo et al. 2019), Jimmy Sinnis presenting (PDF of slides)

11/21/2019: Wave-current interaction (Ardhuin et al. (2012), Peregrine 1976), Bia Villas Boas presenting (PDF of slides)

12/05/2019: Langmuir Circulation/turbulence (Smith 2001 , Smith 2006 (see also the errata for “just a few, but important corrections”)), Kristin Fitzmorris & Jerry Smith presenting

%% Winter 2020

1/23/2020: Wave generation by wind (Chapter 3 of Janssen 2004, see also Grare et al.  2013, Young & Wolfe 2014), Laurent Grare presenting (PDF of slides)

2/6/2020: Mean flow induced by a surface wave packet, Rick Salmon presenting (Salmon tutorial)

3/5/2020: Drag coefficients (Edson et al. 2013 ,Donelan & Dobson  2001), Allison Ho presenting (PDF of slides)

4/30/2020: Wave slope statistics, Fabrice Ardhuin presenting  on Munk 2009  (see also Vandemark et al. 2004, Nouguier et al. 2016)

5/14/2020: The surfzone heat budget, Tom Zdyrski presenting on  Sinnett and Feddersen (2014) , see also Sinnett and Feddersen (2018).