Modular Aerial Sensing System (MASS) Print

Surf Zone Measurements

  • Image acquisition
    • Frame size : 768 x 484 or 1004 x 1016
    • Frame rate : 5 fps300 kHz
  • Motion Measurements
    • GPS : 10 Hz position and phase
    • Attitude : 50 Hz angles and rates
    • Acceleration : 50 Hz all components
mooney - 21
Aircraft used for surf zone measurements
surf zone
Image of the surf zone taken near Newport, OR
MASS package
MASS video camera and motion package unit configured for Mooney-21 installation (Newport,OR,1998)


vector field
10 sec average of white water velocity field in the surf zone for area within red rectangle on above image (velocity vector length scale = 10m : 1m/s)

Open Ocean Measurements

  • MASS sensors configured for the Long-EZ (SHOWEX, NC, 1999)
    • (1) - Video camera
    • (2) - 6 degrees of freedom motion package
    • (3) - Infrared camera
    • (4) - IR mirror
open ocean
An image of the open ocean in stormy conditions, taken 20 miles off the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Red arrows superimposed on the image indicate surface velocity of the boundaries of the white caps.
arge breaking wave with superimposed boundary velocity vectors.
MASS integrated into Long-EZpicture of Long-EZ aircraft
scripps oceanography