(ADCP) Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Print

ADCP Systems

  • 300 kHz
  • 600 kHz
  • 1200 kHz
  • Multiple frequencies allow for O1 - O100 m range
  • Velocity magnitude and direction
  • Real time data collection
  • Moving platform data collection enabled by bottom tracking
ADCP mounted on R/V Saikhon
Underway Real Time Data Collection
Boat Mounted

ADCP ready for buoy deployment
Moored Time Series

Directional Waves ADCP

  • ADCP Systems
  • 40 m Maximum deployment depth
  • Directional wave spectra time series
  • Able to resolve complex wave field
  • Resolution: O1 s wave


ADCP bottom mounted
Upward Looking 600 kHz Sonar
Bottom Mounted

Sketch of ADCP mounted on FLIP
Wave height time series
example Time Series From FLIP
Example directional spectra
Example Directional Spectra
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