Test Deployment: Torrey Pines, CA 1999 Print

equipment on deck of R/V Sproul R/V Sproul overlooking buoy deployment
The turbulence buoy that will be deployed during SHOWEX was deployed from the R/V Sproul offshore TorreyPines, CA in water depths comparable to that expected at the DUCK, N.C. experiment site.

Our first day of testing included tethering the buoy to the vessel to allow for real-time data acquisition and debugging using a 100m twisted pair ethernet wire. After the first day of testing, an all-chain mooring was set in 20m and the power buoy was deployed and the turbulence spar was tethered to it.

Measurements and tests performed:
  • ADV performance beneath breaking waves
  • Motion package performance: rate sensors, tilt meters, accelerometers, compass
  • Sonic anemometers
  • Fast-response thermistor chain
  • Ship-buoy 900 MHz telemetry system
  • power sub-systems
  • Mooring components
  • Deployment/recovery procedures for the power buoys
  • Dynamics of the instrumented buoy tethered to the power buoy

power buoy
Initial deployment of the Power Buoy

instrument buoy
Instrumented Buoy (up close)
Tethered to the Power Buoy
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